About - Mawoka


Here you can learn something about me!

Who I am

I am Marlon, (online known as Mawoka) and I love programming/coding. I am a student and I also play table tennis.

What I do

Most of my projects are web-related, like websites and REST-APIs. All of my projects are open-source, since I believe that software should be open-source and privacy-friendly, which my software is (if you ask me). If we are already talking about open-source, something can't be missing: Linux! I am fairly familiar with Linux, since my PCs are running linux and my server where most of my projects are hosted, runs Linux as well.

What is important for me

At first, human rights and press-freedom. I think that what Putin is doing with the Ukraine is unbelievable. I can't imagine how it'd be to leave my home, because bombs are destroying my city, neighborhood and my country. War itself is stupid, just as stupid as seeing women as something worse then man. Also people who are neither woman nor men, are still humans and that's how they have to be seen. Another thing that's important: the climate-change! We are destroying our homes, our planet, just to get richer in the moment. if you are reading this, you are probably not relly poor and you can afford water and can afford food. People who are already poor and having a hard time finding water, will probably die if it gets hotter and the water in their area even rarer!


Thank you for reading this!