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05 June 2022



Let me start by explaining the tools I used. I used Svelte (Don't hate me React-boys!) because that's what I started with and I really enjoy Svelte. For the people who are using NoScript you may have noticed that you don't even need JavaScript for this website! This is because I am using Svelte Kit with CloudFlare Pages for SSR which works great! SSR is necessary, since I write the content of this blog in Markdown which has to be transformed to HTML. For the design I use Tailwind CSS which is just great. There is nothing more to say about Tailwind. It's just great! Next, you may ask "But how do you manage your content? You clearly can't use WordPress!" and this is a great question with a great answer: It's Strapi!

What I like about the tools

First, Svelte. Svelte is so easy to learn and use if you used HTML before. It feels like writing a template with Jinja. It's JavaScript-free if you use SSR with SvelteKit. Next is TailwindCSS and I said it already: Tailwind is just great!

What i dislike about the tools

The first thing I dislike is Strapi, but not in the kind you may think. I dislike the "bad" documentation about their REST-API and mostly: The deployment is just an awful experience since I just Docker on my server and I started by following the instructions in their docs to set up Strapi with Docker. I though that everything was working great but then I noticed something: The UI was completely different than on my main-pc without Docker. The result: There is no up-to-date Docker-Image for Strapi (Why? Jusst why? It isn't that difficult, Strapi-Team!)! I looked into the issues in their Docker-repo and found the issue and the solution: a self-build docker-image which also works. It could have been that easy but NO. Next thing: Cloudflare pages: Because I am using SSR, I should be able to see logs, right? Yea, but no, Cloudflare pages doesn't show any runtime-logs or errors, just at build-time. I don't know if it's just Cloudflare's bad or also Svelte Kit's bad.

Featurs missing

Oh boy, where should I start? This is also meant to be a roadmap!

  • Search
  • Tags/Categories
  • Sitemap
  • Comments/Reply via mail-button
  • (Maybe a night.mode)
  • Writing skills

The biggest problem I had

Yes, it was a pain in the ass to get syntax-highlighting with highlight.js! It cost me many hours but I really wanted it and: I got it! In the end, it was me, my fault, all the time but who is surprised by that? I am not!


I am ok with that what I ised and I recommend everyone who wants to create websites to start with Svelte and Tailwind. I hope that the Docker-situation will improve for Strapi, as well as the docs should improve. In comparison, for SvelteKit a "getting started"-guide or even example should be provided in their docs, but SvelteKit is still in alpha.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my first post ever on my first website! If you have any tips or feedback, feel free to contact me on the Contact Page

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