Mawoka's Blog - About Webgo and why I wouldn't use It

About Webgo and why I wouldn't use It

23 September 2023


What is Webgo?

What they claim on their website:

webgo - einer für ALLE Der Webhoster mit go!faktor

Translated to:

webgo - one for ALL The webhoster with go!factor

My problem

First: I've never used webgo! BUT I've just ran an Nmap-test about the domain of my school and discovered something strange. Take a guess how many ports I've approximately found. 5? 10? 30? Nope. 70. Yes, 70 ports are open. (07.03.22). This is hilarious.

Which ports and for what?

Let's start with the normal stuff. Of course, there is port 80 (http) and port 443 (https) open. It's fine. Then there is port 21 (ftp) and port 22 (ssh). That's ok, but not great. I've checked if password-login is disabled, and it isn't. It's not good, but also not a huge problem. There's also MySQL on port 3306, which is also "ok", BUT there are still 66 ports left. There is also the normal email-stuff (imap/s, smtp/s, etc) so minus five to ten ports. We still have ~60 ports left. 41 of them are just "New domain from webgo"-pages but the rest. THESE ARE WEBSITES FROM OTHER CUSTOMERS. Why? I don't know. I think that this is not respectable. I mean, it doesn't create a security risk or something, but if they have a problem like this and no firewall (I think), I wouldn't trust them, but it's still your decision.


Round about 77 ports are open, on a website hosted by webgo are open, some of them are ports of websites from other customers of webgo, as well. This shows me clearly that they seem to have some kind of problem or don't care.


I've contacted them and they responded within three days and blocked all the unnecessary ports, but I still wouldn't recommend them.

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